Wine Basics - The Beginner's Guide DVD

Lovers of food and social gatherings will welcome the release of Graham Productions' Telly Award winning DVD, Wine Basics The Beginner's Guide. Wine Basics provides the wine-novice with a visually captivating, inviting, and comprehensive guide to wine.

"I am proud to be an advocate for young, new, and novice wine drinkers, and have been looking for a great reference to recommend when asked for advice on how to learn more about wine; I'm pretty sure I just found it! The film kept my attention, and covered just about everything I can think of that I would want a new wine drinker to know."
~Barbara Evans,

"It's engaging the entire time, and, after the video, I know it's inspired the watchers to leave their computers and go find a bottle of wine for experimentation. I found their Quick Tips to be very focused and will be very helpful for any beginner."
~Jo Diaz,

How Wine is Made - Wine Tasting Process - Pouring Wine - Storing Wine - How to Open a Bottle - Choosing a Wine Glass
Wine Terminology
 - Wine Etiquette - Ordering Wine at a Restaurant - Purchasing from a Grocery Store
Attending a Wine Tasting Event - Basic Food Pairing Tips